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  • A VERY WIDE plethora of reports and GROWING!
  • Save your reports in PDF Format.
  • Order, customer, product, sales cycle, expenses, earnings and accounting reports.
  • Customer List
  • Top Customers By Orders Placed
  • Top Customers By Order Amounts
  • Order Transaction History
  • Order History
  • Single Customer
  • Customer Labels
  • Sales Cycle By Organization
  • Order List
  • Order Labels
  • Order Product List
  • Back Order Lists
  • Earning Types
  • Earnings By Sales Cycle
  • Expense Types
  • Expense By Sales Cycle
  • Expense Tax-deductible by Sales Cycle
  • Earnings VS Expenses By Sales Cycles
  • Single Product
  • Taxes Collected By Sales Cycle
  • Voids, NSF By Sales Cycle
  • Returns By Sales Cycle
  • Transaction Log By Sales Cycle
  • Shipping Returned By Sales Cycle
  • Fees Returned By Sales Cycle
  • Fees Collected By Sales Cycle
  • Shipping Collected By Sales Cycle
  • Return Product Lists
  • AND MORE...

An easy to navigate Report Interface for selecting Report details:

Order List - View all Orders from any given Sales Cycles:

Back Order List:

Product List by Sales Cycle - for easy entering of orders on Avon, Mary-Kay, Stampin-Up, or other OEM Organization Websites:

Five different Customer List Reports:

Top Customer By Orders Placed:

Top Customer By Order Amounts:

Customer Order History:

Customer Transaction History:

Customer Outstanding Balanace:

Product Quantity On Hand:

Return Product List - With multiple options:

Sales Cycle List By Org - With Order Information:

Expense Breakdown by Sales Cycle:

Earnings Vs Expenses:

Fees Collected by Sales Cycle:

Taxes Collected by Sales Cycle:

Order Amount Breakdown by Sales Cycle:

And Many Many More!
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AvoBase is a light weight Point of Sale Management Software Tool designed to help Avon representatives. In addition, AvoBase can sell from ANY Sales Organizations.

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