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Orders are the heart of your business - and the heart of AvoBase.

The Order List Form:
  • View, sort and navigate your orders.
  • Create new orders, or returns off previous orders.
  • Load orders by order number.
  • View invoices, save invoices to PDF or print invoices.
  • Take payments or void previous payments.
  • Close orders.
  • Email invoices out to customers.
  • Manage your returns.
  • Manage your back ordered products on orders.

The Order Edit Form:
  • Add Customers, line items, fees, payments and special invoice messages.
  • Add sold to and ship to customers.
  • See at a glance the product number and name, quantity sold, quantity free.
  • Select organization level product, sales cycles.
  • Customizable fields for organizations such as color, size, scent, page.
  • Unlimited number of invoice lines, fees and methods of payments.
  • Ability to add products directly from product inventory OR have instant lookup for existing products.
  • Ability to sell products at lesser cost or higher than retail.
  • Ability to set products and flag them as back ordered.
  • Line item subtotal, fees, shipping, sales tax and payments all within view.
  • Ability to show discounts on invoice, wave taxes, wave shipping.
  • Selectable tax groups for tax exempt customers.
  • Add, subtract, edit product line numbers on the fly.
  • Take cash, credit, check, money order, credit card, paypal or debit card payments.
  • Ability to track customer cash on hand or "Escrow" from refunds.
Customer Sold To - Ship To:

Invoice Line Items:

Individual Line Items - Set Sales, Tax, Back Order, Pre-Defined Fields:

Order Fees - Create automatically added Fees - Add multiple Fees, control tax rates and more:

Select items from your Product Inventory:

Take multiple types of payments at the same time:

Create on the fly Invoice Special Messages:

Finalize your Orders and Close them out:

Over payments? AvoBase handles them:

Return Products? Easy with AvoBase. Ability to FULLY return an order, including products, shipping, fees and taxes:

Full scale return-product manager. Easily keep track of your return products. Set Products up to return to OEM or place them directly into your Product Inventory:

Full scale back-order manager. Keep track of Orders and Products you have that are on Back-Order. Product missing? Not shipped? No longer available? AvoBase handles them all - with full ability to refund money if you are unable to deliver the Product:

Back Orders - Product missing? Not shipped? No longer available? Refunds are easily handled:

Professional loooking Invoices - fully configurable:

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AvoBase is a light weight Point of Sale Management Software Tool designed to help Avon representatives. In addition, AvoBase can sell from ANY Sales Organizations.

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